About Me

My Name is Kyle Whitley Smith, and I currently live near Charlotte, NC with my wife Jamie and two sons, Ryan and Owen.  I am a dedicated Christ follower, father and family man with strong personal values and morals, including integrity, honesty, and loyalty.

I have many passions and skills and offer a very unique skill-set including analytical to creative.  I love creativity through art, music, and web design.  I also have a passion for proper organization and process alignment.   I love finding ways to use web 2.0 applications and social networks to make a difference.  These skills, coupled with my leadership training and experience allow me to drive teams to success in many different areas and inspire value-driven change. I am currently a partner in SHIFT//, a multimedia marketing studio as well as Marketing Director for CIS Consulting Group.  Check out my Résumé for a list of qualifications and achievements.