My iPod

Starfield [I Will Go]

I cannot get enough of this CD!  I have enjoyed this praise music more and more.  Maybe it is just where I am in my relationship with God right now, but where I may have seen some tracks as cheesy before, I really get now.  It's kinda like the praise stuff I grew up on but just updated. Very cool.
 Priscilla Ahn [A Good Day]

I love this CD.  It is like nothing else I have in my collection.  Her songs are light and upbeat and raw.  This is my rainly day cd.
   Bing Crosby [Bing With a Beat - Remastered]

We all know Bing Crosby for his great Christmas tunes!  But I started reading more about the legacy of Bing Crosby and the contribution that he made to the music and entertainment world, so I had to find some more music.

This album was created in 1957, just as crooner music was on the way out.  Bing decided he wanted to make an album where he could call the shots.  Bing's voice never seems to go out of style.  This is a great album showing his versatility - he makes it sound so easy.
   Tristan Prettyman [Hello]

Just bought far so good! I think that Tristan has songs that remind me of Sheryl Crow and others somewhat like Fiona Apple.  Put that with some pop and slight folk sound on some tunes and you get one great album!
   Meiko [Meiko]

Meiko simply has a great voice.  I consider this album to be what I call slow pop.  My wife just thinks it is mellow but there are so many interesting musical elements and instruments that she Meiko uses that keeps the tunes very interesting.  This has been one of my favorites recently. 
Sara Bareilles [Little Voice]

This has been one of my favorite albums this year!  Sara is a newcomer and her voice along with her fusion of jazz-pop-piano style give a refreshing, fun joy for the ear.  If you are looking for something "poppy" and easy to listen to, yet with the obvious talent of a true musician, give Little Voice a spin.
Future of Forestry [Twilight]

Future of Forestry brings a great atmospheric sound to rock music.  With layered airy guitars, strong beats, and clear vocals, Twilight sounds a bit like Delirious, but with their own vibe.  This is actually a Christian band and has some great worship tunes, but is worthy of secular airplay.
Colbie Caillat [Coco]

Ok, for some reason she looks like Jennifer Aniston in this picture - strange.
Anyways, This album by Colbie Caillat is another lite and fun pop album to listen to.  It's not groundbreaking by any means, but the acoustic-guitar-driven songs and catchy melodies are perfect for any place, any day.
Mute Math [Mute Math]

These guys are a must-hear if you like the sounds of layered guitar, vintage keys, and very syncopated drums!  My wife says that the vocals are like Sting (which I have to agree).  The rhythms are unbelievable all throughout the album and their music is somehow very complex but easy and fun to listen to.   The lyrics are something to check out as well. 

Below is the music video to their song "Typical" in which they learned all of their parts backward, performed backward, then reversed the video to make this:

Mute Math "typical"

 Coldplay [Viva la Vida]

This fourth album by Coldplay takes the band in a very cool direction.  Viva la Vida uses a great blend of rocki guitars, pop piano and keys, symphonic strings and percussion, with that same Coldplay driving sound to really take the band to the next level.

The album is said to be influced by Latin American and Spanish cathedrals and the title of the album comes from a painting by Frida Kahlo, the acclaimed 20th century Mexican artist.

Coldplay is a great band because they easily transcend the pop and underground music worlds, playing to both crowds.
Hilary McRae [Through These Walls]

This album breaks away from all of the norm that pop music is producing today, yet still contains that listenable fun quality that Sara Bareilles and Colbie Caillat have.  Hilary McRae showcases a very strong jazz influence.  The instruments on this album include a horn section, which give it a very authentic feel.  McRae's vocals seem very mature and jazzy.  I fyou want a pop-jazz feel, check out Through These Walls!
John Mayer [Continuum]

What's not to love about John Mayer?  I love anything by John Mayer because he consistently delivers awesome vocals with insane work on the guitar.  Also, he can actually perform live exactly like you hear it on the recording - not something all artists can do today! 
 Killers [Hot Fuss]

Killers bring big sound with Hot Fuss.  I really love this quirky sound with keyboard tracks reminiscent of the 80's.  Hot Fuss really has a very unique alternative-type sound - it is very raw, but strangely highly produced.  Very cool.
 Nick Carleton Band (NCB) [The Only One]

I use to play on the worship team years ago with Nick at The Next Level Church in Colorado.  This album really is a great worship album displaying the talents of the band as they give all the glory to God.  If you like David Crowder, you'll love NCB.
 Phil Wickham [Cannons]

Phil offers a very clean pop sound with his unique vocal qualities.  His voice reminds me a bit of Kevin Max from DC Talk with lots of vibrato.  Cannons is a great worship album as well as just good music on the iPod.
 Snow Patrol [Eyes Open]

I love the sound that Snow Patrol has.  Similar driving guitars that you would find in a Cold Play tune, but with a cleaner pop sound.  The band from Ireland has been described as similar to Radiohead and U2 but with a more atmospheric sound.  There is a cool mixture of instruments on this album and worth a listen!
 Radiohead [In Rainbows]

I have to admit - Radiohead is not for everyone, but these guys are pure genius.  If you are artistic, appreciate complex music and sound, and have the tendency to lean toward melancholy tunes, then this album is for you.  If you have never listened to Radiohead, then give it a spin!